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  • Abida Narseen

4 Comfortable Sitting Postures with Back Pain.

Back pain has now become a widespread problem in every individual life as it is caused by some genuine reasons such as long working hours, lack of exercise, age, excess weight, improper lifting, smoking, and psychological conditions. Comfortable sitting can really help in the reduction of back pain.

The World Health Organization has reported 619 million people affected with back pain in 2020, with an increasing number of cases annually. The quality of life of every individual has been suffering due to back pain, as it can affect everyday activities such as bending over, walking, playing, and sitting. People cannot even sit appropriately while having back pain.

According to a study in 2020, back pain has limited the activities of individuals and is a primary reason for absence at workplaces.

Hence, there is a need to explore comfortable sitting postures, which can provide relief for an instant and enable people to sit with comfort. A comfortable sitting posture can provide relief to the infected people.

Everyone faces the difficulty of sitting comfortably while having back pain. Hence, in this blog, I came up with three comfortable sitting postures and insight into the Pulse Align care system that needs to be adapted for back pain.

Comfortable Sitting Posture in Upright position

It is essential to be mindful of the sitting angle while in back pain. Being mindful of the angle while sitting is essential because the right angle can provide adequate support to the lower back and prevent joint and muscle strain.

Research conducted in 2015 exclaimed that sitting on a chair or aligning knees at a right angle results in a low reduction in spinal curvature. Sitting on a chair with lumbar support can reduce the pressure on the back muscles, spines, and shoulders.

Putting the shoulders in a relaxed position and with a neutral spine can help prohibit muscle strain. Thus, in this way, the patient can get relief from the back pain while sitting.

Below are essential tips to get the sitting angle right.

Backrest Angle

While sitting, it is essential to distribute the body’s weight evenly. A slight decline from the angle can put pressure on your back and cause a strain on it. Therefore, to reduce the pressure on the spine, you need to adjust the backrest of your chair.

Aligning Knees

Sitting position also depends on the position of your knees. Hence, while sitting in back pain, prevent yourself from crossing your legs. Crossing legs can disturb the balance of the body weight and, as a result, can put pressure on your back.

It is essential to plant both feet equally on the floor. Positioning yourself in this way can reduce strain on your back and, as a result, can lead to a pain-free back.

Comfortable sitting posture with a Armrests

The chair’s armrests can provide further support to your back while sitting. The armrests can provide support to the upper back, which can help the spine to be in a neutral position.

Sitting by utilizing the armrests of the chair can promote the alignment of the neutral spine and prohibit awkward angles. In addition to the alignment of the spine, it allows elbows to be in a relaxed position.

Comfortable sitting posture with alternate position

The neutral sitting position can also lead to back pain by straining your spine. Hence, it is necessary to put your body in an alternate sitting position to save yourself from the familiar back pain.

Changing the neutral position can relieve the lower back and boost comfort and productivity.

Set to such alternate positions in which the body weight can be evenly distributed.

Pulse Align Care System

Having a comfortable sitting position might relieve individuals suffering from back pain, but every individual tends to search for a way that can provide long-lasting comfort. Pulse Align Care System is always there to feel the sufferers’ pain and came up with a holistic treatment approach. It focuses on the root cause of the ailment to eradicate the ailment from its roots. As a result, an individual can enjoy long-lasting relief. Pulse Align, through its holistic approach, can also provide relief to the patients suffering from neck pain and migraine. Its central focus remains the interconnectivity of the brain and other body parts. Finding out the deep-down causes of an ailment can help deal with it. Embracing the holistic approach “Pulse Align” can help in enhancing mobility and reducing strain at back pain. 


Back pain has now become very common for many genuine reasons, and it has a significant impact on people’s quality of life by influencing every daily activity, such as walking and sitting. There are some comfortable sitting postures that can provide relief to the affected individuals. Sitting upright by aligning knees at 90 degrees can give relief. Additionally, using the armrests of a chair and changing the neutral position of the sitting can help in sitting while having back pain. Although being mindful of a sitting angle might give short-term relief, the Pulse Align care system is playing its role in providing long-lasting comfort by focusing on the interconnectedness of the brain and body. 


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